10 Foods For Thin and Column Legs

As much as the body needs, carbohydrate, protein and fat intake are the main rules of healthy nutrition. Do you know what you need for thin and column legs? We need to stay away from fatty foods, foods that can cause intravenous lubrication that will adversely affect the cardiovascular system. Excessive carbohydrate and protein intake also cause lubrication in the legs.

University of Georgia’s research suggests that when the omega 3 fatty acids are added to a cell culture that is capable of developing in fat cells, the activity of fat cells stops. How Does? Etin Fatty acid kills or prevents the growth of young fat cells. Add fish like salmon and tuna to your diet (three days a week, 85 grams is enough), as well as a daily omega 3 capsules containing EPA and DHA.

By making the right food choices and giving these foods often on your table, you can get rid of the excess fat in your legs and replace them with thin, long and strong muscles. Here are the right foods.


A study at the Scripps Clinic showed an average weight loss of 1.5 grams of grapefruit per meal for 12 weeks. This vitamin C store regulates the level of insulin in the blood with unique chemicals contained in the fruit.


Proteins help to accelerate metabolism, are used in muscle building. Thus, more calories are burned. 100 g of turkey meat contains 120 calories, 26 g protein and only 1 g fat.


Keeps the fibers it contains for a long time, gives you the energy you need to do sports. Fights cholesterol.


Because it is not only calcium but also rich in vitamin C, it facilitates the absorption of calcium which is effective in fat burning metabolism. Like other members of the cabbage family, it is also rich in vitamin A and fibers. Contains very strong phytochemicals.

5.Green Tea

Research has shown that green tea accelerates metabolism, edema from the legs and increases weight loss. Morali-correcting green tea, cancer-protective and heart disease contain substances that contain. A great drink, but also very tasty.


According to a study at Penn State University, by eating a small bowl of soup as a starter or as a meal, you are both less eaten and burned quickly. The soup closes the appetite with abundant liquid content and satisfying property.


Since it is a rich source of calcium, it is very effective in slimming metabolism and it is rich in protein because it is rich in protein.

8.Apple and Pear

According to research, 3 apples or pear eats a day is easier to examine than those who do not. They are very effective in their sweet crises because they are rich in fiber.

9.Pain Pepper

Thanks to capsaicin, which reduces stress hormones, it provides less fat in the body. It’s accelerating metabolism.

10.Water For Thin and Column Legs

A recent study shows that drinking water really accelerates weight loss. With an increase in water intake of about 500 ml, the metabolic rate increases by 30 percent. Water also suppresses appetite. It prevents the formation of edema and cellulite by releasing sodium and toxin. Drink enough water to prevent hunger and thirst. Lots of water. As soon as you get up in the morning and continue to drink water all day long.

Eda ARSLANTAShttp://www.emanutrition.net
Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition
Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition

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