5 Best Foods For Lose Weight

We are a lot of information when trying to shift the pounds. By now, we all know the basics of a healthy diet plan for losing weight; lots of vegetables and fruit, dairy, some seeds and nuts, and a few servings of fish and lean meat. But that doesn’t mean we always abide by those rules. We need to learn to make the right choices.


Eating an apple a day may, in fact, help keep the doctor away. You will be full all day when eating an apple. Because of slows digestion. Also, apples contain peçtin. This is important to lose weight.

You should eat an apple If you want satiety a long time.

*How To Eat Them

You can use an apple for a healthy snack, oat bowl, and salad.


Almonds are high and a good source of calcium, which provides muscle Support and strengthens bones and teeth. They are also high in healthy fats that can help cholesterol at healthy levels.

Almonds are so filling is that just half a cup of almonds contains 15 grams protein, 9 grams of fiber. So good lose weight

*How To Eat Them

You can use on the go way to healthy snacks as a 9-10 piece, add oatmeal or yoğurt but add sliced almonds.


Oats are an important food in the diet plan. Because oatmeal one of the most fiber-rich foods on the planet, and they are especially absorbent food, making it even more filling.  Also, the fiber in oatmeal can help stabilize blood sugar and balance out the fact.

*How To Eat Them

If you have a quick, easy, feeder and satisfying healthy breakfast, you can put oat bowl with milk, fruit, and nuts maybe a little honey. Also, you can choose from a snack. Lose weight at the end.


If you lose weight and love sweets this is for you. Because the dates are very sweet. Dates contain fiber and potassium. Exactly one cup of dates has nearly 50% of Daily recommended fiber. Dates contain sugary fruits. So it is healthy meal plans.

*How To Eat Them

They contain natural sugar. So you can use smoothie, cake, cookie or oatmeal to sweeten.


When we are hungry anyone looking to curb their hunger pangs should consider a diet that includes lentils. Because they are very healthy and satisfying to lose weight. Such that 1 couple of the legume contains a whopping 18 grams protein and 16 grams of fiber making it one of the most filling foods available. Also, lentils contain more than twice the amount of folate as spinach.

*How To Eat Them 

The best way to eat healthier lentil soup, It’s your right. Because both easy and satisfying. Especially ideal for winter. Also, you can use salad with vegetables. Another use of red lentils for fastest cooking.

Eda ARSLANTAShttp://www.emanutrition.net
Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition
Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition

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