5 Good Habits to Manage Diabetes

Do you know you can manage diabetes(type 2)? Lose weight, Good food, exercise, healthy snacks and good lifestyle, that is it. So follow these habits and take it.

  • Drinking Juice

We need fruits but portion control is important for us. Natural, organic, fruit.. doesn’t mean healthy. For example, 1 cup of apple juice, has just 0,5 grams of fiber and 25 grams of sugar. Another example, 1 cup of orange juice requires 4-5 portions of orange squeezing. İt contains hight carbs. You can choose whole fruit. If you want to lose weight you don’t do it.

  • Chose ‘ Sugar – Free ‘ Foods for Manage Diabetes

The supermarket has a lot of diabetes-friendly products for healthy snacks or other meals. They don’t have added preservatıf and sugar. But they contain high fat and carbs. If you have a diet for lose weight that is important. Before you buy, check the nutrition facts. You can check how many grams of fat, carbs, cholesterol are in each serving. Also it is important how much sugar is added. Total carbs is important for your blood sugar levels.

  • Loading up on minerals, supplements and vitamins

All people take supplements like B 12, cinnamon or iron for keep their blood sugar levels stable every day. But they don’t know about need it or no. If you want to, you can tell your doctor. Be honest with your body and yourself.

  • Carry on snack packs

Snacks especially healthy snacks is important for manage diabetes people and lose weight. But portion control more important than snacks. You don’t carry all snacks. Just take as much as you need. You can make just 100-caloriesnack packs.

  • Follow to Special Diet for Manage Diabetes

The media has many popüler diet. Ketogenic, ducan diet, protein diet… If you have diabetes, you should be careful, because you need all the macro nutrıent. You cut down carbs, protein or fat. Just keep portıon control. Your purpose healthy lose weight, healthy lıfestyle and healthy snacks.


Love yourself, value your body. You always follow healthy things. Don’t forget, your blood sugar level is very important.

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