Diet Motivation In Success

You have already started to diet many times before, maybe you have lost weight but you have lost all your bored and motivated place. While we are usually full of motivation when we start dieting, it is difficult to change habits and our motivation in time. Usually, in the most important stages, we fall into this feeling state. In order to achieve success, motivation in the diet is very important. If you want to start dieting but cannot start if you think of sentences as you cannot judge me, ask why you want to diet again and don’t start this business without being really determined.

Advice 1: Keep Your Goals Realistic

Why do you want to lose weight? Your purpose is to wear bikinis on the beach after a month or 2 weeks after your cousin’s wedding and to wear a nice dress or to prepare for graduation with 1 month before?

If you have instant goals in this way your expectation will be to lose excess weight in a short time and this will not be permanent. In this case, I lose weight constantly in your mind, but it remains unchanged and this does not make you happy.

For example, let’s make an account. If you give yourself only 1 kilo a month without forcing yourself at all, you lose 10 pounds a year. Buddha means about 2-3 body thinning. Success is inevitable if the diet goal is not forcing you and realistic. Isn’t it worth trying?

Advice 2: Don’t Make Solıd Rules

When you start dieting, you don’t have to change your whole life in one day. If you think so, it’s probably your mistake here. Let’s say you ate ice cream while the weather was warm. Or you have eaten a cake. Now what will all the labor have been wasted and the given weight will come immediately?

Of course no. These weights after you eat them;

  • Oh, I’ve eaten it anyhow I eat it,
  • It is good to reward (regular and often rewarded),
  • Okay now I’m leaving all my motivation is not for me in the diet I say at the moment he begins to come to lose weight.

Each diet has a rewarding, evasive share. There is no room for prohibitions in a healthy diet. But if you consume 3 restricted foods in the same week, it is very difficult to achieve success in the diet.

ADVICE 3: Find Diet Friend For Motivation

People who will support you in this process are very important. If you have people who are constantly on your diet to invite you to eat unhealthy, at least in the first 2-3 weeks of the diet yourself a little away. Because in this process your body will gain habit.

Make a friend who will fit you in with the decision to make a healthy diet. Start a diet with a friend if necessary.

While there is a blessing like the Internet, we can try to use it a little. There are many profiles and pages with slimming motivation stories, read them on the internet, read them, you will see that you are not alone. These people make sure that positive diet examples in this process will greatly affect your motivation.

Advice 4: Don’t Be Panic When The Special Days Are Coming

Summer approach, thin clothes, bikinis New Year’s parties, weddings are officially only on special days of our body size comes to mind. Just at this stage, you’re wrapping diets that quickly lose weight by creating popular diets, liquid detox programs, a single nutrient diet, and unhealthy muscle loss. But the diet program should be tailored and applied. Do not expect benefits from general programs. If you start a little earlier rather than save the last minute situation, you will get a permanent solution and your labor will not be wasted.

Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition
Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition

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