Eat Well And Still Feel Full

Which one is important for you calories or substantiality. In a 2018 survey, about a third of participants said they frequently used Nutrition Facts labels, but that doesn’t mean everyone understands the information provided since there are so many conflicting dietary messages out there. For instance, calories are almost always the most prominent number on a given nutrition label -but all types of calories should not be considered equal. A 100-calorie avocado is undoubtedly better for you than A 100-calorie can of soda. This means is your priority should be healthy, not calories.  That’s why the nutrient density of a food, rather than the number of calories it contains, was more important to us when it came to determining healthiness. One of the first nutrients we looked for when developing our list was fiber. If you’re checking labels, high fiber content is a pretty nice shortcut to deciding whether a food is both healthy and filling. Yet high-fiber foods like lentils and figs tend to be harder to come by in Western diets that are packed with processed stuff.

Foods that are high in fiber take longer to digest, which means they suppress hunger over a longer period of time. Fiber also has an inflammation-lowering effect on your body and helps

Create a healthy diversity of microbes in the gut. That matters because the makeup of your gut bacteria can play a role in determining your risk for majör diseases like obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and certain autoimmune problems. High-fiber foods also keep your blood sugar regular. That means when you choose a high-fiber snack such as berries or broccoli over junk food, you’re less likely to experience a blood-sugar crash later in the day. Blood sugar and löse weight are like twins. Finding a way to add fiber to your diet, whether through eating more leafy greens in your salads or by adding fiber-rich seeds to your morning salad or yogurt, can save you from the pitfalls of mindless snacking.

Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition
Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition

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