Hunger Free Diet

Is comfortable? If you want a hunger-free diet, you’re also going to have to suspend any preconceived notions about fat. For years you’ve been told to opt for skim milk over whole, but the latest science suggests that people who consume full-fat dairy products tend to have a lower risk for metabolic diseases like diabetes. If you avoid or take control to diabetes, you need a hunger-free diet.

Full-fat dairy products contain more calories, and experts have long assumed that avoiding fat would lower the risk for disease but I’m happy to say that doesn’t appear to be true. Multiple studies have found that when people lower the amount of fat they eat, they often replace it with carbs or sugars, both of which can worsen the risk of insulin insufficiency or diabetes.

That’s why my list contains foods like whole fat Greek yogurt and full-fat cheeses such as mozzarella or something like that. Though cheese is often at the top of diabetes lists of foods to avoid, it’s delicious food that’s high in, calcium, protein and hard-to-get vitamin  B12.

Don’t forget, you can eat everything, just you need balance and control for your health and lose weight.

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