Natural Methods For Premenstrual Syndrome- Lose Weight

No woman likes premenstrual syndrome. Women even hate themselves in this period. Because we are physically and psychologically stressed during the premenstrual cycle. Generally, they want to lose weight this time. First of all, it is necessary to accept, it is a natural process and very important for women’s health. Don’t forget, you just don’t have these problems. If you change some of your habits and gain new habits during this period, everything will be better. The following my advice maybe helps you.

Exercise To Lose Weight

If you do aerobic exercise, it makes you feel better. Actually you don’t sedentary. Increases endorphin hormone while exercising. If you start aerobic exercise 1 week before the cycle, you will feel like an antidepressant for mild to moderate. By the way, it helps lose weight.

Herbal Therapies

There are too many claims about herbal. But you choose the correct herbal for you, everything is nice. Chasteberry has been shown to reduce PMS syndromes. The recommended dosing is 20-30 mg Daily. Another herbal is green tea. All women like green tea. It helps to lose weight. İt helps purify the body. İt contains very antioxidant. For all that you should talk to your doctor, after that you can add your diet plan.


Low magnesium level associated with mood. If you start magnesium supplement in the second half of the cycle it will change your mood.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Therapy is always beneficial. If your mood is good, you are good. So get help from therapies. You can try yoga. Yoga is the best for mood and body, or you can try meditation, mindfulness… Maybe you can lose weight.

Diet Changes For Lose Weight

When you are PMS, you can cut down salt, caffeine, alcohol, coke. I am sorry because chocolate contains caffeine. Actually it is rich serotonin, so it is good while PMS. Even so, it contains caffeine. These foods make edema. Edema is a big problem while PMS. So you need to change your diet plan. You choose healthy snacks as a green apple.

This period is very important for your health. You change your mind and habits. You live quality.

Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition
Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition

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