Seosonal Detox

How is a program and its contents?

The purpose of our detox program is to purify the toxins accumulated during the seasons and strengthen immunity. The program is not just liquid foods. Our goal is to throw edema, burn fat and reduce body size. It contains ingredients and menus that are accessible to everyone. Since the menus consist of foods that interact with each other and foods with high antioxidant content, it is forbidden to make changes in the ingredients.

How much weight do?

My clients who participated in the program generally lose weight between 2-3 kg and thinning between 3-4 cm. However, these figures vary according to the individual’s exact adherence to the program, metabolism and whether or not to perform the given exercises.

What are the materials I need?

You need a kitchen and blender where you can prepare meals.

How do I register and pay?

You can learn price information via e-mail, you can contact us by specifying the program you want and the country you will participate in. This will send you an account number. You can get the confirmation e-mail after you make the payment by wire transfer / EFT method and send the receipt. You are now registered and can join the WhatsApp group.

When to Start?

Registrations finish every week at 17:00 on Saturday and menus are delivered on Saturday night. After completing the Sunday preparation process, we start our detox every Monday.

How Will Communication Be?

A WhatsApp group will be created consisting of people joining the group and your Dietitian. In this way, everyone will have provided motivation and support to each other. You can also contact me at any time via whatsapp or mail.

Will This Process Force Me?

Our diet contains lower calories than normal diets. However, you will not feel weakness, headache during the day because the aim will be high-calorie low nutrients in volume. However, in this process, each day’s menu is different and will be sent along with the recipes, you may have to carry some dishes from home for only 5 days. Each day’s menus should be prepared one day in advance. That’s why the lists are sent 1 day in advance and when you reach the lists, you have to complete all your missing items. Although flexibility in normal dietary changes is provided, this is not the case with the detox program. Strictly comply with the list. It is forbidden to request any change or make any individual changes. The program will start on the specified dates and continue as a group. Therefore, we will not accept your request to make the payment and start later. Therefore, do not forget to apply on the date that suits you best.

Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition
Dietitian / Instagram: @emanutrition

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